Friday, July 17, 2020

The Eternal Joy of Devaki

Kananda Article by Subrahmanya Somayaji

EnglishRendering by: M R Bhashyam
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The occasion was the birth of Lord Krishna. In the darkness of Kamsa's prison, there manifests an effulgent glorious light. The Lord took His birth in front of Devaki and Vasudeva in His total splendor. Vasudeva saw that magnificent boy and describes his vision this way: "He was lotus eyed, sporting conch, discuss, mace and lotus in His four arms. Sublime Shrivatsa mark shone on his chest. Sparkling Kaustubha pearl laced his nape. Shining smooth yellow colored robe draped His lustrous dark blue-hued frame. His crown was bedecked with a coronet of diamonds and Vaidurya (cats eye).  His cascading hair shone like the golden rays of the Sun in the lustrous reflection of His ear rings. His waist was embraced by a golden band, golden bracelets hugged His biceps and His ankles were clasped by anklets". Shrimad Bhagavatham describes that Vasudeva saw this boy wonder. Devaki also saw the boy with Vasudeva. Though all the grandeur described by Vasudeva was in her front, she describes the child this way "Oh! Lord!! I am seeing that effulgent eternal form of yours described by yogis and sages as un-manifest, the  cause of creation, the Brahma-Vastu, the effulgent light devoid of gunas and blemishes, pure Sat, without attributes, absolute and impersonal, You are Truly Vishnu" Shri Ranga Mahaguru has compared the difference between the two visions beautifully. "Vasudeva enjoyed the external form of the Lord. However, Devaki's eyes ripened by penance saw His effulgent eternal form. That is why He is called Devaki Paramaanandam, the One who gave ultimate bliss to Devaki. She experienced the everlasting form of the Lord; she experienced the effulgent light divine. She describes that formless form spontaneously. The mothers in our country must be able to experience that form."

Vasudeva's experience is also admirable. It is not available to the ordinary. But we cannot forget that Devaki's experience of the eternal spring, from which all external forms manifest, is the ultimate ideal. Sages say that all existence in the universe has three states, the gross, the subtle and the ultimate (Para). We generally observe only the gross. We see a tree in front. The roots that support the tree are hidden subtly in the earth below. The energy which is the source for even the roots is seen by the cultivator. We should not forget that the gross form visible to us is supported by the subtle and the eternal.  In a similar way, if we were to understand the subtle and eternal forms of Lord Krishna behind the gross, our lives would be fulfilled. Devaki with her devotion, dedication, penance and spiritual effort is an inspiration to us all.  

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