Monday, August 24, 2020

Sri Rama’s Courage – A Model for all of Us

Original Article by: Dr. Nanjanagud Suresh

English Rendering by: K. Mukundan

Sage Naarada, while apprising Vaalmiki of the attributes of an ideal Human being, as possessed by Sri Raama, compares them with the Sea, Mountain, Earth and Moon, duly describing the inherent speciality in each. Man's life is endowed with all the emotions in a balanced state. Though all of us always aspire for happiness, sorrow is inevitable, even if we do not desire the same. We get elated on being happy and depressed when accosted with sorrow. Various components of nature counsel us to face exigencies. For example, let us take the case of a mountain. Whether it is a case of rain, sunshine, cold, thunder, wildfires or cyclone, a mountain is able to contain these calamities, remaining firm, without losing its identity.

Let us now observe the life of Sri Rama. All preparations for the Crowning ceremony of Sri Rama had been completed. Sri Rama being an exemplary individual, endowed with the noblest etiquette, did not have the least desire to be crowned as King, though the fortune sought him on its own.

 Kaikeyi secured the banishment of Sri Rama to the forest for fourteen years and the coronation of her son Bharatha as King, from Dasharatha against the two boons awarded by him earlier. Sri Raama never lost his mental poise, even on being accosted by Kaikeyi, under the evil influence of Mantara. He accepts the changed situation similar to a resilient person who treats alike, joy or sorrow, benefit or loss, victory or defeat, praise or criticism. While portraying this situation in Raghuvamsha, Mahaakavi Kaalidaasa says that Sri Raama accepted with anguish the kingdom awarded by his father. On the contrary, he happily welcomed the proposal of going to the forest. Besides, in order to establish the truthfulness of his father, he dons the robes of an ascetic and gets ready for implementation of the mandate of Kaikeyi. But Dasharatha, being bound by obligation to respect his commitment to the grant of the boons, was feeling delicate and miserable to instruct his most loved son, to go to the forest. This scenario is aptly captured by the grand Old Master of the lineage of Poets, with the golden words, "The residents of Sakethapura (Ayodhya) were surprised to behold the unperturbed glee and radiance in the face of Sri Rama on wearing the royal robes or attire of an ascetic".

Aah! What a wonderful mental equanimity in Noble persons. This is the most appropriate example for the "Verses of Wisdom (Subhashita)" which enumerates that "Saints face fortune or misery in the same manner"- (Samaanasheelaah vyasaneshu sakhyam).

Sri Raama is the ideal for taking on any grave situation with a bold, brave and unperturbed state of mind, like a mountain. With this in mind, Sage Naarada, while describing Sri Raama, has aptly said that his "courage is equivalent to that of Himavaan"(Dhairyena himavaniva).

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