Friday, April 17, 2020

If Exists, let it be Visible !

Original article by: Mythily Raghavan
English Rendering by: M.S. Anantha
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Once upon a time cholera had spread in and around the villages of a city. A doctor came to educate the villagers about their health. Addressing the villagers he said "The water which all of you are drinking daily contains disease-spreading bacteria. So please do not drink this water." Most of the people accepted the words of the doctor. But one person protested and told the doctor "Sir, if bacteria are present in the water, they should have been seen by us. If not, at least, the bacteria should have got stuck in our throats while drinking this water! Hence, I cannot accept what you say."  The doctor tried to convince him saying that the bacteria are so small that they cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Even then he did not agree. Finally, the doctor took some water-sample and took him to a laboratory in the nearby city. There the doctor showed him the minute bacteria in the water sample through a microscope. At once, he became dumb-founded after seeing the bacteria dancing in the water-sample.

Sri SriRanga mahaguru taught us a lesson through this anecdote. "If you can grind a glass suitably so that it acquires the capability of a lens for a microscope, then we can see even the tiny things, which cannot be seen with our bare eyes. Similarly, if your mind is subjected to proper spiritual orientation, then, just like a microscopic lens, it will acquire the ability to 'see' even the imperceptible Paramatman.

The ancient education system propounded by Maharshis (seers) was very successful in achieving this state. In early boyhood days, they would embrace Brahmacharya (celibacy). Under the able guidance of a proper Guru, their minds would become matured by studying vedic literature and through practice of penance they were able to visualize and enjoy the inner light, the Paramatman.  Then, by the command of their Guru, they used to embrace the Gruhasthashrama (house-holder's life) and successfully spread the divine knowledge acquired by them. Today such a system of education may not be in vogue, but still several methodologies blessed by Maharshis such as stotras and poojas would cleanse the mind, if meticulously followed. This would prepare the mind to enjoy and experience God, the Almighty.

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