Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Mangaḻa – Auspiciousness – The Property of the Soul

Kannada Article by:  Vid. Narasimha Bhat 

English rendering by:  M R Bhashyam

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Performing acts which are most beneficial, propitious and glorious are termed as Auspicious or Mangaa. On the contrary, executing acts which are unfavorable are termed as Inauspicious -Amangaa.  When we perform deeds which are auspicious, the result is comfort and joy. Performing inauspicious acts results in sadness and dejection.  The characteristics which are useful for the realization of the soul are called as Ātma Guās. Performing deeds which are auspicious are beneficial to the soul and hence have been classified under Ātmagua. 

Executing acts which are auspicious and not executing inauspicious actions have been recognized as Mangaby Sages.  The great Yogi Śrī Ranga Mahāguru has explained beautifully the standard for identifying something as auspicious or otherwise. "The materials and environment which aid our progress towards attaining the self are classified as   Auspicious and those which hinder that progress are Inauspicious". One can find the effect of materials, environment or for that matter anything on us using the Science of ī (ī-Vijñāna).

The Omniscience of the Lord in the Entire Creation:

How can anything be inauspicious when the Lord resides in everything, including atomic dust, in tiny twigs and roots "Īśāvāsyam idam Sarvam"? When everything is auspicious because of His presence how can there be anything which can be inauspicious, is a legitimate question. Though that may be true, the truly propitious substances are those where His presence is expressed vibrantly. These substances are termed as Suvastu–Auspicious Substances.  Lord Śrī Krisha in Bhagavad Geeta explains to Arjuna that where ever His presence is expressed in exuberance that is His divine Opulence or Vibhūti. Where the Lord's presence can be felt in abundance using which one can attain the Lord, that is termed as Mangaa. Yellow and red-Turmeric, Gold, Cow, Cow's products like milk, the fossilized shell Sāligrāma are all Auspicious substances.

What is Inauspicious?

If we believe honestly that there is nothing in the universe that is inauspicious, we will understand the idea of "Not – Auspicious" correctly.  We classify something as Auspicious or Inauspicious, useful or useless, based on the effect it has on desired outcomes.  There is a statement in Sanskrit "There is no letter which cannot be part of a hymn – mantra, there is no plant or herb or a root which cannot be a medicine or there is no person who is unfit for anything. The personages who can transform a syllable into a hymn, or an herb into medicine, or a person into a useful personality are rare - Amantrakam Akaram Nāsti Nāsti Mūlam Anauadham / Ayogya Purusho Nāsti Yojaka tatra durlabha //". Those knowledge-experts who have understood the science of nature and the properties of the substances in nature have brought in a system for benefic usage. They have defined how a substance has to be used, when and by whom. Following this science, and using materials as decreed by them is Auspicious.  Using in such a way that they produce adverse effects is Inauspicious and should not be practiced.  When this nature  is flawlessly embedded in our souls, it helps us to attain the Lord. The sages called this nature as Mangaa.

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