Friday, November 6, 2020

Sri Rama -Master of Nine-fold Emotions

Author: Dr. Nanjanagud  Suresh

English Rendering: K. Mukundan

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It is a well-known fact for all those who have studied Srimad Ramayana, that the First Poet Valmiki has been successful in the portrayal of Sri Rama as the Master of all the Nine-Fold emotions. All the nine shades of emotions have aptly manifested quite naturally at the appropriate time. The presence of whatever the quantum of each emotion as required, has rendered the epic all the more beautiful in every aspect. A Seer ever engulfed in the Divine Nectar, Sage Valmiki, having savoured the Sweetness of Sri Rama within, has sculpted the same in its original form devoid of any dilution whatsoever; this has enabled the mind of the readers to get settled in the nectarian personality of Sri Rama. It is appropriate to be reminded of the sacrosanct utterances of Sriranga mahaguru in this context "Just as the Hexa-flavoured food rejuvenates an undernourished person and enlivens him, the Nine-fold emotions buoy up a disheartened person"

The Divine sentiment of Love manifests in full bloom in the sweet marital relationship between  Sita and Rama; the act of  prowess and valour is very much exhibited in breaking the bow of Lord Shiva as also during the battle with the Demons; the scene of sorrow in the face of the killing of Jatayu and the Dasharatha's separation from his son; the portrayal of surprise/wonder during the bridging of the Ocean as well as Sita's communion  with the Goddess of Earth; Humour while rejecting Shurpanaka; Terror and Disgust displayed during the war with Demonic forces;  the Climax of Anger manifested during the killing of Ravana and Kumbhakarna; the serene, sacrosanct, fragrance of peace/tranquillity in the company of Rishis housed in Ashramas - The Ancient Poet  Valmiki has thus enabled the advent of all the emotions in like-minded people by displaying the role of the nine-fold emotions in the life of Sri Rama. Sage Valmiki has enabled the Jeevathma to dwell in the Paramathma,  by serving this body, having a dual profile of hosting sensual luxuries or divine bliss, with the much needed nine-fold emotions commencing with  Love   and ending with Peace/Tranquility. The Poet has thus been able to evolve  the Eternal Bliss abounding in Tranquility- in line with the golden words of Vedas  proclaiming  "Shanthi-samruddhiramrutham".

"Rasovai saha-Rasahyevayam Labdhwa Aanandhee Bhavathi"

"God is personification of Bliss. Only by attaining Him, man is able to experience the Bliss".

Out of the various benefits derived from any  Poem, the extremely important one would be  "Sadhyah Paranivrutthaye" i.e. its capability to release a cultured mind entrenched in worldly miseries, duly conferring the much sought internal Divine Bliss.  This is evidenced in the highly adorable Ancient Poem (Ramayana) and Ancient Poet (Valmiki).

"God, who is Atmarama incarnate, dwelling in the innermost recesses of the Atma, manifests as the   Eternal Bliss. Only when you understand His Evolution, having realised this Truth, we can lead a Blissful life engulfed in Peace and Tranquilty." –Dwelling upon this sacrosanct utterance of  Sri Ranga Mahaguru, and gratefully Saluting Poojya Sri Rangapriyadesika Swami, who downloaded the inner meaning of Ramayana in my intellect, I submit this treatise to the Almighty with the spirit " Thvadeeyam asthu Govinda Tubhyameva Samarpaye" i.e. Handing over Your Property  to you alone O Govinda!"

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