Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sublime Passion Witnessed in Ramayana

Kannada Article by: Dr. Nanjanagud Suresh

English Rendering by: K. Mukundan

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Sublime passion occupies the top slot among the nine-fold emotions. It culminates in the Divine Communion. Mutual synchronisation of the minds is essential for the evolution of this emotion. The celestial marriage between Sri Rama and Sita Devi has been depicted in the Ramayana; Sri Rama hails from His Divine Abode through the Suryavamsha, and Sita, the Daughter of Bhoodevi was nurtured with intense care and love by King Janaka, who had the surpassing excellence among the Seers. Vivaha sets the platform for the evolution of the sublime passion. The union of Sri Rama and Sita can be likened to the embellishment of a jewel with gold.

Sri Rama who possessed the attributes of Knowledge, modesty, wisdom, patience, valour and poise which personify a gallant and a lofty leader, had earned the love of his subjects. He became the talk of his people. Sri Rama maintained his stature and protected his people, constantly treading the path of Dharma.

An argument or marriage shines when it occurs between equals, as per a popular saying. This is very much true in the case of Sita, who was the most befitting and compatible with Sri Rama in all aspects, possessing a pure-breed of form-qualities - a dedicated homemaker, embodiment of chastity, humble and humane to the core. The characterisation of Valmiki of the mutual worthiness between Sri Rama and Devi Sita is a witness to this statement. Sita is a personification of Goddess Lakshmi. Is it not the best choice when a unique personality unites with another of the same nature? It is only in such a case, the sublime passion appears lustrous.

Sublime passion will not glitter in the case of incompatibility. An apt contrasting example in this context is that of Shurpanaka approaching Sri Rama with a sensual desire. The incompatible personalities/qualities of Shurpanaka and Sri Rama have been likened by the Adikavi, to an analogy between ugly and pretty faces, obese  and slim figures, grotesque and lotus eyes, scattered and attractive hairs, disgusting and loveable characters, irritating vs melodious voice, old and young personalities, unethical vs ethical behaviour, materialist and visionary approach. Does this not prove the irreconcilability between Shurpanaka and Sri Rama?

Only when we realise the foregoing, we will be able to visualise the extent of complimentary and unique matrimonial alliance between Devi Sita and Srirama. It is as much impossible to disengage/separate Sita from Srirama or vice-versa, as separating the Sun from its rays or the Moon from its Light.

Devi Sita and Srirama maintained incomparable sacrosanct matrimonial relationship during their stay for some years in Ayodhya after their vivaha, continued with the same fervour during their stay in the forest, in order to fulfil his father's commitment. Their unique wedlock through mutual unison through body, speech and mind is a role model to be adopted by one and all.

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