Friday, March 1, 2019

Bench-mark for Choice of Materials

Article in Kannada by: Mythily Raghavan
English translation by: Dr. Srinivasan

In the current era, innumerable attractions such as a variety of materials for beauty, fashionable attires, entertainment media, mouth-watering delicacies, luxurious amenities for pleasure and comforts surround us.  It has become quite common to afford these luxuries too. In this context, it is superfluous to question what to wish for. While seeking goodies all around is the human tendency, can one go after anything that is good?Whatever attracts us is good for us. But what one likes may be disliked by others. Thus,it seems that the decision of what is good is purely subjective and not objective.

Liquor is good and dearer than his life to a drunkard. Children today enjoy viewing cartoons more than athletics or sports. Many enjoy and relish the foods often prepared and served on the streets(laced with dust and dirt). This may be disturbing to a Health-Care professional, as these fads are likely to cause health issues.  Here the extent of impact on health and indulgence are the yardstick for the quality. Thus, for the wise, doubtless it is health which is of more importance than its feel-good factor. So,it is clear that the merit of an object is essentially objective and not subjective as it appeared to be earlier.
On further analysis,it can be seen that even a healthy food may not taste good for a depressed mind.For, it is the mind that experiences pleasure. Thus, we can say that the impact an object makes on our mind (the mental health) plays a major role in determining its quality. Hence, it may not be wrong to say, prior to desiring any material, it has to be duly evaluated considering this aspect.

In this context, a thorough knowledge of a healthy mind is very essential. As an illustration, it is common to think that the visual acuity is an indication of good health of eyes. However, for an ophthalmologist, this is not the limit. When the neuronal network in retina, the neurons originating in brain and the various other evaluations responsible for proper functioning of eye as a system are in place then it is considered healthy. Similarly, the mind is supposed to be healthy only if it is able to exercise its full potential. These are well substantiated in modern medicine. This information is well documented after evaluation in the current circumstances (in physical world).

However, the seers of Bharatha have experienced and declared that every individual has many divine centres beyond those of the physical domain. where many devatas or the divine forces dwell. Even the Supreme Lord, who is the source and controller of all these devatas shines here. Every individual possesses the worth and is entitled to traverse in these centres of affiliations; he can have the darshan of these divinities as also of the Supreme One and experience the immense joy of their association. Due to past karma, if these centres are blocked in individuals, it can be unblocked, by the grace and guidance of a Sadguru (revered spiritual guide). This has been declared by the Seers of Bhaarata in unambiguous terms.

The Seers have opined that attaining or regaining this capability of the mind indicates the sign of good and complete health. Thus, those materials which do not down-grade the ability of cognizance are fit for use and therefore can be sought after.

All materials, have influence on humans through sight, feel or consumption. The effects on Physical, Divine and Spiritual centres of affiliations have been proved by experiments by Sages. For example, holy Basil and Cardamom have the ability to support the traverse in all the three centres. Though onion, garlic and few others have health benefits, they are not conducive to reach the Divine centres. Thus, for this reason,the spiritual Masters have classified materials as fit or unfit for consumption by the devotional aspirants. This science of materials enumerated by the Sages, but gone into oblivion as time passed, has been brought to fore and revived by the Master yogi Sriranga Mahaguru. An adept in this Science, he had the ability to evaluate and declare the potentiality of the materials to unfurl and support all the three Divine Centres of affiliation.  

Thus, there exists a principal benchmark for the choice of materials for those who desire to experience the infinite joy through realization.

Note: The Kannada version of this article can be viewed at AYVM blogs