Saturday, 2 February 2019

Dr. K S Kannan (ಕೆ. ಎಸ್. ಕಣ್ಣನ್)

Dr. K S Kannan
PhD (Sanskrit), DLitt (Honoris Causa).
SRSJM Chair Professor, IIT-Madras, Chennai.


Senior Fellow, ICSSR, New Delhi; Academic Director, Swadeshi Indology; Member, Academic Council, Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthana; Nominated Member, IIAS, Shimla; Former Professor, CAHC, Jain University, Bangalore; Former Director, Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore; Former Head, Dept. of Sanskrit, The National Colleges, Basavanagudi and Jayanagar, Bangalore.


He has been a very popular teacher of Sanskrit with over 40 years of teaching experience as well as a very respected Sanskrit scholar.


He has 20+ book publications to his credit including edited volumes, works on Vyakarana, Ayurveda etc. To name a few: Swadeshi Critique of Videshi Mīmāṁsā (2019), Western Indology on Rasa: A Pūrvapakṣa (2018), Reclaiming Rāmāyaṇa (2018), Śāstra-s Through the Lens of Western Indology – a Response (2018), Western Indology and Its Quest for Power (2017), Bhagavad Gītā Śloka Pāda Sūcī (2014), Theoretical Foundations of Ayurveda (2011), Sūkti Kośa (2007), Virūpākṣa Vasantotsava Campū (2001), Dhātu Rūpa Kośa (1983), Kṛdanta Rūpa Kośa (1984) and Vibhinnate (Kannada translation of Being Different) (2013). He has presented several papers in National and International Conferences. He has also published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, invited articles, and has also given hundreds of invited talks.

Awards and Recognition:

He was recognized under the Grateful2Guru initiative for “outstanding and selfless service rendered to Sanatana Dharma” by Indic Academy in 2019. He was conferred an Honorary DLitt by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peetha, Tirupati. In 2007, he was conferred the title “Vidyānidhi” by HH Rangapriya Swamiji, Bangalore. He also received the “Sanskrit Year Award” - for the Best Sanskrit Essay (titled “Kālidāsasya Kāvyeṣu Bhāratam”) given by Karnataka State Government, and International Merit Award for Paper on Machine Translation (from Sanskrit to English). He was conferred the Gold Medal in Amarabharati Examination.

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