Saturday, December 15, 2018

Svadesho Bhuvanathrayam

Original Kannada article – Subrahmanya Somayaji
English Translation – Dr. Shrinivasan
Which is your country? For Indians it is Bharatha - Indiafor the British – England, for Americans – USA, Japanese – Japan. So, what is so special? It is common to ascribe the place of birth and growth as ones motherland. The place where we would have nestled is also termed as motherland. Patriotism, love and affinity to the country of origin is not uncommon.

The caption mentions, that the three worlds are my homeland (swadesho bhuvanatrayam). This statement is made by our great sages meaning ‘Motherland is beyond the geographical boundaries and encompasses all the three worlds’. How is it right? Is it just to signal broad-mindedness? Or is it exaggerated ? Contemplation is required to verify if this statement is based on substance.    

Here swa is the Jeeva-soul that rules our existence. We owe our existence - living, talking, breathing to the power of the Jeeva. The soul is fundamental to everything. According to the Great Sages’ internal experience, the extent of operation of the Jeeva of the individuals have spread over the three worlds. What are these three worlds? – what we see is Bhuhu - earth (physically world); that which supports it is Bhuvaha – the "subtle", this is the abode of Divine incumbents. The core anchor of all, is the subtlest suvaha the world of the  parabrahma - the Ultimate. The Jeeva is capable of traversing through the three worlds by tapasya (spiritual discipline that involves deep meditation, austerity/moderation and self-discipline).

Thus the sages who had realized and experienced the supreme joy of all the three worlds within themselves during tapsya, did not just consider themselves as inhabitants of a specific geography in this physical world. For them svadesha- their motherland consisted of all the spheres that were permeated by the parabrahma – the source and substratum of all. That experience was the source of their statement ‘swadesho bhuvanatrayam’.
We mortals who are driven by sensory impulses are not able to perceive extra sensory regions such as suksma –para (dormant and paramount) which sustain us unseen. Thus we identify the limited region as motherland. It is no surprise that the sages, who could enjoy the association of omnipresent paramatma could declare unbounded regions also, as their motherland. Thus, the declaration swadesho bhuvanatrayam is borne of their internal experience and enchantment. It is not an emotional statement. It is a solemn declaration of those who have experienced it directly.

This thought is further substantiated by the oft-quoted subhashita , ­‘Ayam nijaha parovethi ganana laghu chetasaa, udara charitanaam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ meaning- the myopic who can see no more than the physical world thinks, this is mine and that belongs to someone else. However, it is common for the broad minded and realized one, to see the Divine, the Originator, in everything, hence, the universe is his family.

In order to get that broad minded outlook, one must realize Satya-Absolute reality that exists within every one of us. Our motherland Bharatha was one that cultivated hearts and homes, cities and states, nay the nation itself with the prime goal of realizing that Divinity within oneself, so that our lives may be that nest of bliss. The vision- that the three worlds are my homeland (swadesho bhuvanatrayam) is the outcome of such an exalted internal experience.

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